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  • Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 Sports Fast Cars
  • Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano Sports Fast Cars
  • Barabus TKR Sports Fast Cars
  • Porsche 959 Sports Fast Cars
  • Porsche 911 (993) Turbo Sports Fast Cars
  • Porsche Cayman S Sports Fast Cars
  • Porsche Carrera GT Sports Fast Cars
  • Ferrari Dino Sports Fast Cars
  • Ferrari 288 GTO Sports Fast Cars
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Koenigsegg CCX Sports Fast Cars

Koenigsegg CCX
245mph+, 0-62mph 3.2 secs
Koenigsegg CCX
Poor Koenigsegg. Having spent the entire century so far trying to capture the McLaren F1’s top speed record, the Swedish supercar maker finally achieves it with the 242mph CCR when Bugatti comes along and rearranges the rulebook. That’s got to hurt. Still, what better way to bury the pain than to develop a new version – the CCX. A bespoke 4.7-litre V8 with twin superchargers sits just behind the passenger compartment, developing 806bhp and 678lb ft of torque – enough to propel the car from 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds despite only having rear wheel drive.
245mph is achievable if you can find, well, a runway long enough, though the low drag shape that allows this does mean the Koenigsegg can be a handful in the corners. Extra bonus points for having carbon-fibre wheels on the options list and doors that are cooler than a penguin’s feet.

Gumpert Apollo Sports Fast Cars

Gumpert Apollo
224mph, 0-62mph 3.0 secs
Gumpert Apollo
Yikes. Well, you’re not exactly going to miss this, uh, beauty appearing suddenly in the rear-view mirror. And seriously, move over, because although you’ve probably never heard of it, being fourth on this list means there aren’t many cars capable of outrunning a Gumpert Apollo. 224mph is impressive, but it’s the 0-62mph time that really grabs our attention. Three seconds flat is seriously quick – you’ll be needing a Veyron if you want to go faster. Such high levels of poke hint at an exotic under-bonnet experience, but don’t be too disappointed when we tell you the Apollo is powered by a 4.2-litre Audi V8.

Two appropriately substantial turbochargers later and you’ve got 650bhp under your right foot. That ought to be enough to keep the driving experience entertaining, especially when combined with a six-speed sequential gearshift and rear-wheel drive.

Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 Sports Fast Cars

Lamborghini Murciélago LP640
211mph, 0-62 3.4 seconds
Lamborghini Murciélago LP640
Lamborghini is synonymous with flamboyance. So when it unveiled this car at the 2006 Geneva motorshow, the world gasped. Who on earth had decided to paint a Murciélago in gloss primer grey? But the LP640 isn’t any ordinary Murciélago , and we rather suspect the utilitarian hue wasn’t just about making the car look harder than a Stealthbomber on a night out. Toning down the paint helps emphasize that this Lamborghini is all about performance, an impression enhanced by the optional transparent engine cover that keeps the LP640’s wailing V12 hard permanently on display.
211mph is six more than the standard version, which doesn’t sound much until you realise it’s taken 61 more horses to achieve, and the going gets pretty tough over 200mph. The total bhp count now stands at 631, helping drop the 0-62mph time by an impressive 0.4 seconds to only 3.4. Oh, and you still get the scissor doors – which should keep the traditional clientele happy.

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano Sports Fast Cars

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
205mph+, 0-62mph 3.7 secs
Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
The Ferrari Enzo was such a technical tour de force that it’s easy to imagine the engineers at Maranello scratching their heads over what to do next. No such luck for the competition as it turns out, since in developing a replacement for the 575M Maranello, Ferrari have completely re-written the script for front-engined GT supercars. Other cars on this list may be faster – in some cases very much so – but the 599 GTB Fiorano is just fantastically accomplished to drive.
Technical highlights include Magnetorheological Suspension Control, Formula 1 derived traction and stability control, and the not insignificant achievement of being 40kg lighter than the outgoing 575M despite being considerably larger. Don’t care about the techy stuff? Then simple glory in this 6.0-litre V12’s 8,400rpm redline, soulful interior, and the fact you’re driving a car with a prancing horse on the bonnet. Shame it doesn’t look a little bit prettier, but then the world never has been perfect.

Barabus TKR Sports Fast Cars

Barabus TKR
Barabus TKR
America is another notable absentee, but the most likely candidate, Saleen’s S7 Twin Turbo makes no greater claim than 200mph+, even if previous talk had suggested 260mph might be possible. The UK’s very own Ultima also claims 200mph+ for certain versions of the GTR, but specifications are quite individual. What we can say for certain is that Ultima does hold the 0-100mph-0 world record, with its GTR720 performing the feat in 9.4 seconds – half a second faster than even the Veyron can manage. Another UK wild card is the Barabus TKR, which was a surprise showing at this year’s British motorshow, and is theoretically good for 270mph.

But then they also claim 0-62 in less than two seconds, and we’re really not sure if that’s possible. But for totally off-the-wall (and totally unverifiable) try Project 1221, an Italian concern apparently building a turbine powered supercar with the equivalent of 1500bhp and a 270mph+ top speed…

Porsche 959 Sports Fast Cars

Porsche 959
959 - click photos to enlarge

It’s perhaps clichéd to mention it, but this mechanical marvel became one of the poster icons for the Athena generation. I had one on my wall with a Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari 288 GTO with ‘decisions, decisions, decisions’ written underneath. Sadly, I’ve never had to make that decision but if I did I’d go for the Porsche. It was a technical masterpiece when it was introduced in ’88 and still commands real respect today. Based on the 911 but with highly sophisticated four-wheel-drive transmisson, twin turbochargers, electronic ride height adjustment and 450bhp it never quite managed the 200mph of its cruder rivals – topping out at ‘just’ 197mph. However there were some drawbacks.
That engine and complex transmission combined with its composite wind-tunnel honed ‘zero-lift’ bodywork made it fiendishly expensive to produce though, Porsche making a significant loss on every one of the 283 cars they sold. They are exceptionally rare and valuable and unfortunately Auto Trader doesn’t list any right now...

Porsche 911 (993) Turbo Sports Fast Cars

Porsche 911 (993) Turbo
911 (993) Turbo

There are a good number of 911 fans out there that regard the 993 series 911 that ran to 1997 as the last of the ‘real’ 911s. That’s because it was the last 911 to be cooled by air. Like most generations of 911 there were several stand-out models based on the 993, the RS, the basic Carrera 2 being notable examples, but for many the Turbo is the 993 to aspire to. Never before had the 911 Turbo offered such blistering pace with ease of use. Previous Turbos had a fearsome reputation, the 408bhp 993 Turbo utilising four-wheel-drive to enable you to use its prodigious thrust on any road in any conditions. Ludicrously quick with a 4.5 second 0-62mph time and a 180mph top speed, the 993 Turbo remains a supremely able and enjoyable high performance 911 that’s hugely sought after.

Porsche Cayman S Sports Fast Cars

Porsche Cayman S
Cayman S

Some might consider it rather early to be proclaiming the new Cayman S as worthy of a place among our top ten Porsches, but we’re absolutely certain it deserves the accolade. A coupe version of the Boxster was always going to be special and the Cayman S certainly doesn’t disappoint. Significantly stiffer than its Boxster relative, the Cayman S offers a supremely sharp and focused driving experience. There’s such immediacy to its responses and fine control it’s an absolute joy to drive on a challenging road. Its Boxster/911 derived 3.4-litre engine offers 295bhp, allowing it to sprint to 62mph in just 5.4 seconds. Certain to be joined by a lesser powered version that should slot between the Boxster and Boxster S in price and performance there’s a lot more to come from the Cayman. We just hope the rumours of a lighter, even more focussed Club Sport version are true.

Porsche Carrera GT Sports Fast Cars

Porsche Carrera GT
Carrera GT

Fittingly, given we started this top ten with the last Porsche proper production hypercar we’ll finish it with its latest. The Carrera GT. Like so many of Porsche’s models its roots lie in racing, the Carrera GT conceived as a race car before a change in regulations ruled it out before it was ever raced. Pragmatically, Porsche decided not to waste all its efforts in developing the Carrera GT and hastily turned it into a road car project. The result is phenomenal, the Carrera GT able to breach 200mph and sprinting to 62mph in just 3.9 seconds. That’s possible because of the 612bhp 5.8-litre V10 engine powering it, and the light and immensely strong carbon fibre chassis. Expensive, exclusive and outrageously fast and capable, the Carrera GT is the fastest production Porsche to leave the factory, but amazingly for such an exotic machine it’s just like every production Porsche as it really can be used and enjoyed everyday.

Ferrari Dino Sports Fast Cars

Ferrari Dino
Dino.  Photo by Bruce Whitaker
Say Dino to a Ferrari enthusiast and it’s highly likely that this is the car they’ll think of. That’s despite the fact that the Dino name has been used on several occasions throughout Ferrari’s history. Yet the Dino never, ever wore the prancing horse badge of Ferrari when it left the factory, enthusiasts putting them on afterwards. First shown in concept 206 GT Speciale form at the 1965 Paris Salon, the first production cars followed in 1967. Power for the early Dino 206 GT models was from a mid-mounted 2.0-litre V6 engine producing just 180bhp. Only 152 206 models were built before the engine was enlarged to 2.4-litres, raising power to 195bhp. The Dino’s model number changed to 246 to represent the larger engine, with other changes including a wider track and increased wheelbase. The open GTS model joined the range in 1972, it particularly popular in the USA. It may never have been badged Ferrari, but there’s no mistaking the bloodline of this achingly beautiful and highly sought after car.

Ferrari 288 GTO Sports Fast Cars

Ferrari 288 GTO
288 GTO.  Photo by Michael Meredith

It may look similar to the 308/328 cars, but the 288 GTO was a completely different proposition. Introduced in 1984 the 288 GTO was limited to just 273 examples, it remaining a highly coveted car among Ferrari collectors today. The 400bhp from its longitudinally mounted 2.8-litre, four cam, four valve per cylinder, V8 engine is achieved by the adoption of two turbochargers and intercoolers these allowing the 288 GTO to sprint to 62mph in 4.8 seconds and onto a maximum speed of 188mph. Its backbone construction was of tubular steel, but fibreglass and Kevlar were also used to keep weight as low as possible. Its beautiful, muscular looks belie its vicious performance, as does its interior, which, unlike its F40 descendant features proper door pulls, handles and carpets. In every way the 288 GTO lives up the famous GTO badge that has always represented Ferrari’s most extreme sporting cars, though such is the pace of progress a current F430 will outperform it in every area.

Enzo Ferrari Sports Fast Car

Enzo Ferrari
Enzo Ferrari
No greatest Ferrari list would be complete without mentioning the latest limited run hypercar. Named after the man himself, the Enzo Ferrari represents the pinnacle of Ferrari’s road and race car knowledge. That means it features a carbon-fibre and aluminium monocoque, carbon-ceramic brakes, double wishbone suspension with push-rods operating the horizontally mounted springs and dampers and a paddle-shift six-speed transmission. Like F1 drivers each owner has the car fitted to them, the seat and pedals adjusted to suit your exact needs and accommodate factors like whether you prefer to use left foot braking or not. But as with any Ferrari it’s the engine that’s the most important feature. And the Enzo’s 6.0-litre V12 is a masterpiece.

It produces 660bhp, allowing the Enzo to reach 62mph in just 3.6 seconds and breach 220mph. It’s all controlled by highly complex electronic systems that control the damping, engine management, gearshift, traction and stability – though for those wanting to experience their Enzo properly the ASR traction control can be switched off. Exclusive, with only 400 being built, and offering quite staggering performance the Enzo is a highly fitting tribute to the man who started the company.

Ferrari F430 Sports Fast Car

Ferrari F430
There will undoubtedly be a few of you who will question the inclusion of the F430 in the list of greatest Ferraris. But like its 360 and 355 predecessors it represents the ultimate expression of the current ‘small’ Ferrari and that alone means it’s worth including. With power to better all of the cars, barring the Enzo, listed above the F430 develops 483bhp. That allows this current entry-level Ferrari offer performance that’s equal to and in many respects better than the F40 of 12 years ago. That highlights quite staggering progress, the F430’s 4.3-litre, normally aspirated V8 developing a sensational specific output of 114hp per litre.

Using Ferrari’s latest F1 know-how the F430 features both an electronic differential (E-Diff) and a manettino switch on the steering wheel that allows the driver to directly control the car’s dynamics. Its shape is a result of extensive development in the wind tunnel, too. Overall the F430 underlines Ferrari’s commitment to producing cars that keep pushing the performance boundaries. And that alone is enough to warrant it a mention among these established greats.

BMW 3-Series Compact Luxury Car

BMW 3-Series Compact (1995-1999)
3-Series Compact (1995-1999)
It’s easy to get a mid-‘90s BMW hatchback for under £2,000. It looks like the E36 saloon (even though suspension tech is more E30) and has a tidy, if underpowered, engine line-up. Aspects of the interior may, surprisingly, be low-rent and dated, but come on! This, or a Ford Escort. Which would you seriously prefer? The Compact is also a very significant model as it signalled BMW’s intention to become more ‘mainstream’, years before the 1-Series. It wasn’t an unbridled sales success but it nevertheless proved to those within BMW that they could do ‘budget’ cars without losing prestige. 1-Series and, arguably, MINI are the result.

Mercedes SSK Classic Car

Mercedes SSK in the Ralph Lauren Collection
Mercedes SSK in the Ralph Lauren Collection

Regarded by many as the finest pre-war sportscar ever built, the SSK was actually designed by Ferdinand Porsche and was the ultimate evolution of the 'S' model line launched two years earlier. The S was itself a lower chassis version of the ‘K’ series cars and used a supercharged 6.8-litre engine. In order to go Grand Prix racing Mercedes needed a smaller, lighter car so they chopped 19 inches out of the chassis to create the “Super Sport Kurz”, the last word being the German for short. Much lighter than its 2.5 ton predecessors the SSK was used to devastating effect by greats such as Rudolf Caracciola, winning numerous competition events including the 1930 Grand Prix, thanks to a 7.1-litre supercharged engine producing 225bhp. The final model actually produced 300bhp and had holes drilled in its chassis to lighten the car in an attempt to keep it competitive.

Mercedes C111 Classic Sports Car

Mercedes C111 record breaker
Mercedes C111
(1969) record breaker

The C111 was a rare example of Mercedes letting its hair down and testing out some wild ideas. The original 1969 model used a mid-mounted three rotor Wankel rotary engine in an incredibly streamlined fibreglass body that produced a drag co-efficient of just 0.191. Of course being a Mercedes it featured a leather trimmed, air-conditioned cabin and gullwing doors made a welcome return. The following year it reappeared with a four-rotor, 350bhp Wankel engine and was reportedly capable of 180mph. Mercedes decided against rotary technology and the third iteration of the C111 used a 230bhp straight-five turbodiesel. With it Mercedes beat numerous diesel records, achieving 200mph at the Nardo high-speed bowl in Italy in 1978. Mercedes revived the name in 1991 for a road going supercar, the C112 but after taking 700 orders decided to kill the project.

Which Bikini Model is Right for You?

Yellow bikiniSummer is a time for fun, sun and the pool or the beach. If you're in the market for a bikini, you may not realize how many different types are actually available to you! When buying a new summer suit, here is a run down of the most commonly available bikinis on the market, as well as tips for finding the best fit for your body type. Bikinis aren't just for supermodels, either, and if you're busty, no worries-you can still find bikinis that offer great support .

The string bikini is probably the smallest bikini available, and offers the least coverage. This type of bikini is very Blue Bikinitiny, and should really only be worn by those who can pull it off. The bottom is basically a small triangle that covers the front area, and then a small string connects it to the back, hence why it's called a string bikini . String bikinis may even tie on the sides, or the string may be attached. This also applies to the top, where the piece is also tied together around the neck and back by strings. Often, the top features two simple triangles , one over each breast, joined by a drawstring under the bust that you can adjust as you like. This bikini is great for petite body types. If you've got rock-hard abs, zero body fat and confidence to boot, this is the option for you.

Not quite sure you've got what it takes for a string bikini? Consider a two-piece bikini with slightly more coverage or power mesh designed to hold in those problem spots. Some bikini options are simply two-piece suits that offer more coverage than string bikinis do.

Thong bikinis are like string bikinis, but without the rear coverage. Thong bikinis (also known as G-string bikinis ) Brazilian Bikiniwork well for those who work out-if you can jump up to hit a volleyball without jiggling your behind, a thong bikini might work well for you. They're also great for sunbathing (don't forget your sunscreen, though!) Thong bikinis come in a variety of sexy styles, including string thong bikini styles. Going to Rio? Bring your Brazilian thong bikini. You can even get thongs in a one-piece style.

The tankini is a newer version of the bikini and makes a great alternative to women who may have a fuller bust. This type of bathing suit has a tank top like upper, but it is still made of bathing suit material. The bottom can be either a traditional bikini bottom or may look more like a pair of shorts. Essentially this is still a bikini, but it offers much more coverage of the bust and midriff. The best thing about a tankini is that the wearer can still mix and match pieces to give them more versatility with their swimwear. This particular type of bikini looks good on just about any body type.

The sports bikini is perfect for the gal who loves to play sports. Like a bra, it's especially designed to be extra supportive so you can move, jump, and run around in it without any problems. It's the swimwear of choice for most professional thong bikiniathletes like volleyball players and bikers who need to be able to air their skin out, while still covering up and looking professional.

While the term bikini is usually reserved for women, the men's bikini is becoming more and more popular as well. This swimsuit is much smaller than the traditional "swimming trunks" or the brief/boxer style of bottoms. The design of the men's bikini has taken off in Europe, and is becoming a more common choice among men in the United States and other countries. Swimmers prefer the aerodynamic nature of bikini styles, in contrast to shorts.

While you wouldn't wear them to the beach, bikini-like lingerie is a comfortable and sexy option for many women. You can even get rhinestone thong -style lingerie for a unique look. Bikini-style panties are available in cotton, mesh , and other comfortable fabrics. Mesh bikinis with One-Piece Thongcharming patterns (like red hearts or polka dots ) are a fun option. Some attractive mesh bikini options include: On Gossamer's appealing mesh hip bikinis , Rufskin's sheer mesh bikinis , or fun mesh halter bikini styles.

These are just a few examples of the wide variety of styles that bikinis come in. You can choose colorful patterns, bold solid colors, or just sleek black. The possibilities are endless, since there are two pieces, you can often mix and match your swim suit to create your own custom look! All women should try a few different bikinis on for size to get an idea of what kind of coverage they will need when lounging on the beach, swimming in the pool, or playing beach volleyball. Your bathing suit should be a personal statement about your fashion, but it should also be comfortable and provide adequate coverage. Flag Bikini

Bikinis have played an important role in the icons of movies, television and fashion. It's the perfect suit to wear on that Caribbean cruise, European vacation, trip to the beach, or a dip in the pool. Paired with a pair of chic sunglasses, it keeps you cool looking fashionable and gorgeous, while showing off your body at the same time. Not everyone can wear a bikini, and not everyone feels comfortable in them, but with new additions like the tankini, this cute swim suit style is now more accessible to anybody who wants to make a summertime statement.

Lace Panties Models

Lace panties are undeniably feminine and sexy, from full lace styles to lace trim that provides a touch of romance.

Lace panties

History of Lace

Lace was first made in the late 15th and early 16th centuries, although the process is really an ancient craft. Lace was originally made by hand by looping, braiding or twisting threads to create an open-holed fabric. Silk and linen threads were originally used, as well as gold and silver threads. Over time, the process moved to machinery and the threads were made of cotton. Today, many lace panties are made of nylon or polyester, but still maintain the beauty of traditional lace.

Types of Lace Panties

Lace panties come in a variety of styles, from bikinis to thongs. Since lace is somewhat see-through, women desiring a return to femininity will find that lace provides an exquisite look and feel. Lace conveys a delicate beauty, and many women prefer lace panties over silk or satin.

Shopping for Panties

Purchasing lace panties is really no different than shopping for other undergarments. If you shop in a retail lingerie store, inspect the lace carefully to ensure that it is durable. Many cheaper products do not wash or wear well, and over time the lace may rip. Be sure to check the washing instructions since most lace lingerie requires washing by hand.

If you decide to purchase lace panties online, there are a number of sites that carry them, in a variety of styles, and at different price points. Read descriptions carefully to see what the material is and again, review the care instructions. The following is just a sampling of lace panties you can purchase online:

  • Victoria’s Secret invisible lace hiphugger, $14.
  • Victoria’s Secret stretch lace thong, $14.
  • Victoria’s Secret stretch lace boyshort, $14.
  • Victoria’s Secret lace and satin hiphugger, $16.
  • Victoria’s Secret stretch lace thong, $14-$16.
  • Victoria’s Secret lace cheeky panty, $14.
  • Pierre Silber stretch lace tanga panty, $10.
  • Pierre Silber lace boyshorts, $7.
  • Pierre Silber lace bikini panty, $10.
  • Frederick’s of Hollywood lace panty, $13-$20.
  • Frederick’s of Hollywood lace thong, $8.
  • Ultimo hi-leg lace brief, $18.
  • La Mystere Lara low rider thong, $28.
  • Fantasie of England serenity thong, $23.
  • Fantasie of England lace brief, $38.

Caring for Lace Lingerie

Lace requires gentle care.

Lace requires gentle care.

Lace is a delicate fabric, but with gentle care, you can really prolong the life of this beautiful fabric. Of course, lace undergarments cannot just be thrown in with the regular wash because the agitation can be very damaging. Lace lingerie typically requires more gentle treatment to keep them in good condition. The following are a few tips for caring for your lace lingerie:

  • Do not use harsh detergents since they can damage delicate lace.
  • Do not dry clean lace garments.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Do not place lace garments in a dryer because the heat may damage the fabric.
  • Do not iron. The lace is too delicate for the heat of an iron.

To launder your lace panties:

  • Fill a sink with lukewarm water and add a small amount of gentle detergent.
  • Gently agitate the water and soak for several minutes.
  • Rinse the lace garment and squeeze the water out, being careful not to wring the garment. Pat the garment with a towel or roll it into a towel to absorb the water.
  • Lay flat or hang to dry.

Overall, use gentle care with this delicate fabric. Your lace garments will last longer and look nicer by just taking a little extra time when cleaning. If the washing instructions on your lace panties recommend a gentle cycle, you can certainly do that, but you may want to wash them by hand to extend the life of the garments.

Pin up Girls

It's no secret that men like to look at beautiful women. From ancient to classical art the female form has been recreated and idolized. Pin-up girls are the 20th century's pop culture version of this. Pin-up refers to sexy pictures of models that were printed on a massive scale. Traditionally these images were photographs but the phrase later includes artwork as well. The term "pin-up" can be traced back to the early 1940s where images in magazines were so enticing people were compelled to pull them out and pin them on the wall. And although the pin-up girl style is distinct, modern pin-up models and artwork have evolved into a larger scheme.

Pin-up girl

What is a pin-up?

Pin-up photographs are artfully erotic images of famous women, particularly from the early 1900s, posing in sexy or alluring manner. A certain style can be attributed to the pin-up girl, usually featuring a soft or sensual look on her face and showing a little more skin than usual. Lingerie also became a common sight in pin-ups, especially garter belts, stockings and corsets.

History of Pin-ups

Depicting erotic scenes or images in art is nothing new to artists. Any visit to a museum will prove that. Although early inspirations for pin-up girls could be cited, the true history begins with the popularization of printed materials, namely magazines and newspapers. Editors would include sexy photographs in their publication to increase sales. As the practice became more common, more publishers picked up the habit and turned the pin-up girl into a household phrase. Soon these images were found on bedroom walls and on the inside of lockers everywhere.

Famous Pin-up Girls

A pin-up girls' images are often more famous than her name, though this isn't always the case. One of the best-known early pin-up girls is undoubtedly Betty Grable. Her famous photograph

depicted her in a bathing suit with an innocent grin directed at the camera. The image was taken in the 1940s and became one of the most popular pin-ups of its time.

Another famous pin-up girl was Ms. Norma Jeane Mortenson, better known as Marilyn Monroe. The talented actress, singer and model appeared in a number of films during her time and became the epitome of the female form with her soft curves and pleasing smile. And who could possibly forget her famous photograph from Seven Year Itch where her dress is blown upward by the air vent.

One of the later pin-up girls to gain fame from an image, Catherine Bach portrayed the Daisy Duke character in the Dukes of Hazzard television show. Unhappy with her wardrobe, Ms. Bach took a pair of jeans and cut most of the legs away, creating the now-famous Daisy Duke-style shorts. The image was emblazoned on a color poster and has sold over 5 million copies since.

Pin-up Girl Galleries

They're beautiful, they're alluring, they're talented. Pin-up girls embody perfection and are meant to be looked at. The following links lead to off-site resources for pin-up girl galleries. Classic pin-up styles usually do not feature nudity, but some pages on the sites below may contain nudity.

  • AtomicPinup - Features absolutely gorgeous classic and modern pin-up photography from Lee Martin.
  • Pin-up Girls - A good collection of vintage pin-up artwork and photographs.
  • Pin-up Girls of America - Magazine covers featuring sexy pin-up girls in skirts and stockings.
  • The Painted Anvil - Classic and modern pin-up and "girly" artwork.
  • ScanDolls - Pin-up work from famous artists.

Sexy Lingerie Models

You've seen lingerie models on the cover of popular publications like the Victoria's Secret catalog. Fans nationwide wait all year to tune into the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, where sexy pseudo-perfect glamazons strut their way down the catwalk wearing designer seasonal skimpies. But what does it take to become one of these famous faces?

The Lifestyle of Lingerie Models

Lingerie models are not runway models. Runway models place a large amount of emphasis on slender, sometimes sickly figures, and outstanding height. Traditionally, runway models average a height of five-foot-ten (the minimum height requirement is five-foot-nine). Because designers create their runway fashions in sample sizes of zero, twos, and fours, these models must maintain extraordinarily lean bodies in order to appropriately fit the couture.

But the lingerie industry is not accentuated by sleek and shapeless figures. Instead, seductive curves and feminine appeal are necessary to flaunt lingerie fashions. Many lingerie models barely clear a height of five-foot-six, making this field of modeling more accessible for aspiring women.

Lingerie models can afford curves.

Lingerie models can afford curves.

Victoria's Secret Models

Perhaps the most popular lingerie models are those featured in the Victoria's Secret catalog. But be forewarned, these girls operate within a fiercer, more competitive modeling criteria than smaller lingerie companies. The Victoria's Secret models hold fast to the requirements of many editorial and runway models, making them eligible for both the catwalk and the catalogs.

Victoria's Secret models have heights that range from five-foot-nine to five-foot-eleven. Their measurements typically feature a 34-36 bust, a 23-25 inch waist, and 34-35.5 inch hips. These statistics are often the result of impossibly auspicious genetics and should not be attempted by crash dieting and excessive exercise.

Some of the most famous faces in modeling have appeared in the Victoria's Secret catalogs. The careers of many lingerie models have been forged through Victoria's Secret and these names include:

  • Heidi Klum
  • Tyra Banks
  • Gisele Bündchen
  • Adriana Lima
  • Alessandra Ambrosio
  • Molly Sims
  • Rebecca Romijn
  • Helena Christensen
  • Laetitia Casta
  • Karolina Kurkova

How They Were Spotted

Many teenage girls wake up with the notion that they will become a top lingerie model. But how did so many of these big names come to be?

Latetia Casta was spotted by a photographer while sunning herself on the beach. She was fifteen years old. Molly Sims, a renowned supermodel, started out her career running Old Navy clothing television advertisements before she ended up on the covers of Vogue and the French Cosmopolitan. Karolina Kurkova skyrocketed to fame by appearing on the February 2001 cover of Vogue, while Heidi Klum was discovered in 1992 after winning the title of "Model '92'" in Munich.

However, even Tyra Banks' success involved a struggle. She was reportedly turned down by four modeling agencies before she was signed by the fifth.

Gisele Bündchen's story is hard to come by. This lanky model was discovered while eating at MacDonald's.

The Angels

Some of the aforementioned models currently comprise the Victoria's Secret Angels, a group of gorgeous glamorous women who model the latest VS fashions and are featured in the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show. Additionally, these girls tour the United States, for the "Angels Across America" tour, prior to their participation in the show. Tyra Banks, Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima, and Alessandra Ambrosio are presently heading up the team.

Reality of Lingerie Modeling

Not all lingerie models share the same fame and prestige as the Victoria's Secret Angels. In fact, the majority of models employed in this area of fashion endure experiences of far less glamour.

The majority of models find their days limited to mundane catalogs that offer them limited public exposure. Girls interested in this field of modeling can occasionally end up in compromising circumstances.

In order to sustain their shapely figures, most models maintain demanding fitness routines and calorie-restricted diets to eliminate the appearance of cellulite. Some resort to breast enhancement surgeries as well as other cosmetic procedures, proving that being beautiful can require a lot of work and time.

Victoria's Secret Angels Models

What's the Story Behind Victoria's Secret Angels?

Victoria's Secret decided to collect the most beautiful women in the world, dress them up in rhinestone bras and flirty g-strings and call them the Victoria's Secret Angels. These girls are supermodels, the envy of aspiring models and regular housewives alike. Who wouldn't want the incredible genes, the wardrobes and the fame of these ultimate glamour girls?

Victoria's Secret Models

The girls have gone on tour all over the United States, and they even do a few fashion shows throughout the year.

The Angels name isn't limited anymore to a select group of supermodels. Since the idea for the Angels debuted in the 1990s, they've taken the name to new heights. There is now a line of bras and panties called the Angel collection, and the credit card the company offers is also named after the Angels. With the perks of the card, it'll make you feel almost like you are one of the notorious Victoria's Secret Angels.

The Models

Victoria's Secret Angels models are some of the most ogled girls in the lingerie industry--and quite possibly the fashion world all together. They're sinewy, with glowing skin, great bodies and beautiful faces. Who wouldn't want to look at them? Who wouldn't want to be them?

The angels, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima and Gisele Bündchenvisiting hot spots in New York City, Miami, Los Angeles and other places along the way. They even got their own plane, one painted to look just as good as the models themselves. In Las Vegas, they introduced the Black Eyed Peas at a concert. See the pictures here. actually went on tour in November 2004, visiting hot spots in New York City, Miami, Los Angeles and other places along the way. They even got their own plane, one painted to look just as good as the models themselves. In Las Vegas, they introduced the Black Eyed Peas at a concert.

Brooke Burke Bikini Gallery

Babes Bikini Gallery

Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke Sexy Woman's Bikini Gallery.

Brooke Burke Hot Lingerie Bikini Super Model.

Brooke Burke Beautiful Woman's Bikini Wallpaper.

Brooke Lisa Burke (born 1971) is an American television personality and model, known for hosting Wild On! (1999-2002) and Rock Star (2005-2006).

Brooke Burke worked as a model for Venus Swimwear and Frederick's of Hollywood. From 1999 to 2002, Burke became well-known while hosting Wild On!, a popular travel series on the E! Entertainment Television channel, replacing previous host Jules Asner. As part of the series, she traveled the world extensively, profiling many popular travel destinations. Burke first appeared nud during her early modeling career for the website, and most notably after gaining fame in the May 2001 and November 2004 issues of Playboy and has also appeared in lad mags such as Maxim, Stuff, and FHM Hot 100 List and featured her on their gallery. Brooke Burke was the voice and ce face of "Rachel Teller" in Electronic Arts' video game Need for Speed: Underground 2, and asks the "People and Places" questions in the video game, Trivial Pursuit Unhinged.

Tyra Banks Bikini Gallery

Babes Bikini Gallery

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks Wet Bikini Model Pics.

Tyra Banks Exposed Bikini Super Model.

Tyra Banks Sexy Woman's Hot Thong Photo.

Tyra Lynne Banks (born December 4, 1973) is an American television personality, Emmy Award-winning talk show host, actress, supermodel, former teen idol, and businessperson. Tyra Banks became famous first as a model in Paris, Milan, London, Tokyo, and New York, but television appearances were her commercial breakthrough. Tyra Banks is known best as the creator and host of the reality television show America's Next Top Model since its 2003 debut. Tyra Banks current hosts her own Emmy- winning talk show, The Tyra Banks Show. Banks is one of four African Americans and seven women to have repeatedly ranked among the world's most influential people by Time magazine.

Kate Moss Bikini Gallery

Babes Bikini Gallery

Kate Moss

Kate Moss Sexy Beach Model Gallery.

Kate Moss Hot Bikini Super Model Pictures.

Kate Moss (born January 16, 1974), is an English supermodel who has appeared on over 300 magazine covers . She is known for her waifish figure, uncommon modeling height for fashion models, and many advertising campaigns.

Kate Moss was voted 8th in Celebrity Sleuths 25 Sexiest Women of 2004, 8th in Maxims 50 Sexiest Women of 1999 and 22nd in FHM 100 Sexiest Women of 1995. Men's magazine Arena named her as their Sexiest Woman in their 150th issue. In March 2007, Kate Moss won the Sexiest Woman NME Award. Kate Moss made her first appearance in the British women's Sunday Times Rich List in 2007, where she was estimated to be worth £45 million. She ranked as the 99th richest woman in Britain.

Heidi Klum Bikini Gallery

Babes Bikini Gallery

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum Sexy Bikini Super Model's Gallery.

Heidi Klum Hot Bikini Woman Photos.

Heidi Klum (born June 1, 1973) is a German supermodel, actress, TV presenter, fashion designer, television producer and occasional singer.

Heidi Klum has been on the cover of most of the well-known fashion magazines, including Vogue Magazine, ELLE and Marie Claire. She became widely known after appearing on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and for her work with Victoria's Secret and gained popularity as part of Thomas Zeumer's Metropolitan Models. In addition to working with world class photographers on her Sports Illustrated shoots, Heidi Klum was the object/subject of Joanne Gair body painting works in several editions from 1999 to 2006. She wrote the foreword to Gair's most recent book of body paint work. She has been a spokesmodel for McDonald's, Braun, H & M, and Liz Claiborne, among others. She is currently a celebrity spokesmodel for Jordache and for Volkswagen.

Gisele Bundchen Bikini Gallery

Babes Bikini Gallery

Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen Sexy Bikini Super Model Gallery.

Gisele Bundchen Hot Wet Bikini Model Wallpaper.

Gisele Bundchen Beautiful Woman Pictures.

Gisele Caroline Bündchen (born July 20, 1980) is a Brazilian model. According to Forbes, she is the highest-paid model in the world and also the sixteenth richest woman in the entertainment world, having earned $33 million in 2007 and $35 million in 2008 alone, adding to her estimated $150 million fortune. Gisele Bundchen is also listed on Guinness Book of World Records as the world's richest supermodel. Bündchen has been the face of more than 20 brands internationally, and has appeared on more magazine covers than any other supermodel.

Since her debut, Gisele Bundchen has been the face of a variety of advertising campaigns including several seasons of Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Mervyn's, Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni, Versace, Céline, Givenchy, Bvlgari, Lanvin, Guerlain, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Earl Jean, Zara, Chloé, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, and Victoria's Secret. Gisele Bundchen has appeared in advertisements for Nivea lotion and is the face of several Brazilian brands including Vivo, Multiplan (Shopping Malls), Colcci, Credicard (Citibank), and Volkswagen do Brasil. After C&A Brazil hired Bündchen as a spokesmodel and began airing television commercials, sales increased by 30%.


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